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Diesel Particulate Filters and Bio

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    Re: Diesel Particulate Filters and Bio

    Ray is onto the right web site. the VW Watercooled website is a great place to research VW's.

    I came across some really good research regarding the DPF's. Partically with Re-Gen and clean outs.
    One of the Brisbane VW Members goes through the removal and refit after cleaning out the DPF.

    From the readings in the forum I got the impression that a DPF has a life expectancy of about 140,000 KM's. Pretty dissapointing really if you pay 40 K for a car.
    I'd expect the car to have a major cost in 3 years to replace the DPF. $4k to $6k.

    I have had 2 Grand Vitaras both Diesel with DPF's. Not the fault of the first car but the second 2010 model was the real reason I got rid of it. My DPF failed in less than 3 months with 9k Km's and Suzuki wanted to deny warranty. Not enough highway miles ....... haha try and picture that conversation.
    I must say that the 2008 model was a great car on B50 and ran really nicely. But that and a B Double didn't mix. The one real problem I have is the unknown, how long do you really have with these things ?

    There will be a solution.

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      Re: Diesel Particulate Filters and Bio

      the(albeit dodgy) solution is to remove it and weld some pipe straight through it then re-install the same way people have by-passed the excessive costs of catylitic converter replacements. Anybody know if this would work or would the dreaded computers go mental? Wouldnt work in the Uk though as they test emmissions every year for their rego checks.
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        Re: Diesel Particulate Filters and Bio

        Software fixes are becoming available for some vehicles to overcome the ECU problems following removal.
        Re the pollution inspections - would the reduced emissions produced by Bio perhaps allow a pass? Would they visually check for the presence of a DPF. They are often very difficult to locate on small front drive vehicles.


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          Re: Diesel Particulate Filters and Bio

          There is a fellow on another forum living in Canada who has bought a secondhand Jap import Landcruiser diesel. He ran it through a voluntary pollution check running B50 and it had a very high particulate readings compared to nearly all of the petrol powered cars and the newer diesel trucks that had DPF installed.
          That makes me think that it is very unlikely that a car running biodiesel in any percentage with the DPF removed would be able to pass a serious pollution test.
          Originally posted by 250downunder View Post
          - would the reduced emissions produced by Bio perhaps allow a pass?


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            Re: Diesel Particulate Filters and Bio

            Being second hand what contribution would older injectors make to the particulates? I think clean injectors might go a long way to stopping this. Better combustion?
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              Re: Diesel Particulate Filters and Bio

              That certainly could be the case.
              On the other hand it might be like when petrol engines went to catalytic converters. Catalytic converters were so good that the manufacturers could loosen up on the other things they were doing to reduce pollution.
              It is possible that removing the DPF from a car specifically designed for the use of it will result in more pollution than cars made a bit earlier that were not designed with a DPF in their pollution system.

              It would be very interesting if someone had web site that discusses this.
              Originally posted by Matt View Post
              I think clean injectors might go a long way to stopping this. Better combustion?


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                Re: Diesel Particulate Filters and Bio

                I have a friend who I taught to make bio, He now has the latest model. He removed ofending item ,washed it with high pressure hose and put back in place with no trouble. It is a common fail motor and all good. Cheers Grey Hair. PS think it's a V W never paid much notice as all the shiny small cars leave me disinterested. 2006 105 Cruiser with pusher pump and twin throw away filters.


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                  I bought a 307 HDI and a DPF With a few issues, got it running and roadworthy, rego etc. I filled it up with bio and it was running great until my wife drove it and it stopped dead. The scanner says crank angle sensor, so I've ordered a new one. My plan is to delete the DPF and EGR systems, HDI tunning in the UK will remap the ECU. I really didn't need car issues over the holiday period. Ill report back when I get it running again.