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Which Vehicles do NOT have DPF fitted

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    Re: Which Vehicles do NOT have DPF fitted

    According to Hyundia customer service Australia (when asked which 2008-2010 models do not have a DPF) the i30 FD range does not.


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      Re: Which Vehicles do NOT have DPF fitted

      You probably need to change the title to "DPF or Catalytic Converter". My Mazda BT50 had a cat that gummed up with BD. The beauty of cats is that they are normally easier to remove than DPFs as there usually aren't any electronics involved


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        Re: Which Vehicles do NOT have DPF fitted

        Hi Mark,

        DPF's and Catalytic converters are completely different things.
        Most/ all Diesel vehicles produced in the last 10- 15 years will likely have catalytic converters.
        Many diesels built up until about 2 years ago will not have DPF's installed.

        It is the DPF that has caused so many headaches whether using biodiesel or not.


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          Re: Which Vehicles do NOT have DPF fitted

          I am happy for you to start a thread about vehicles which do have Catalytic Converters fitted.

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