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probems with Prado

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  • probems with Prado

    Is anyone here running a Prado on bio? I've got a weird problem that I an't figure out. It's a 2002 Gen 2 with the 1KZ-TE motor (3L intercooled TD).

    Started running it on B100 and it ran faultlessly for a month or so. Then it started to become hard to start. Once it started it ran fine, but just didn't want to start. Eventually it wouldn't.

    I was a bit surprised by this, as I had run a 1988 Pajero on bio faultlessly for months, but I did have a 1990 80 series in which I once had to get a fuel pump rebuilt.

    Anyhow, I had a full IP rebuild done. When I got it back, it wasn't starting that well, however, and after another two weeks it stopped again. I took it back to Total, and after some head scratching, he said the only thing left was the "spill control valve". So he took the pump out, put it on test jig- and here's where it gets weird - it worked perfectly.

    So he put it back in and the car ran perfectly. I ran it on dino for the next couple of weeks without any problems. So then I tried again. By this time I had diluted the bio in the main tank so it was now B50. So I tried the B50, but the same result - after two days it jammed again.

    On the tow truck and back to Total, and this time he fixed it with a hammer - he gave the SCV a whack with a hammer and it came good.

    So what do I do now? I'd be happy to pay the &700 to replace the SCV, but I have no guarantee that it won't fail again, mainly because I don't know what a SCV is or what its compnents are. Also, I don't get why the bio would cause it to stick = as far as I undersatand it, bio has superior lubricating properties to dino.

    So the first question is this - does anyone on this forum have, or know of anyone, with a Prado with the 1KZTE motor?

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    Re: probems with Prado

    Mark on a mechanic pump the spill control valve is a little collar which is moved by the throttle and covers or uncovers a tiny port which essentially spills the fuel pressure from within the pressure head of the IP., thus controlling the fuel to the injectors. With the 1KZ TE engine this is done by an electronically controlled valve. I think it is the cylindrical device on top of the pressure head. It is controlled by the engine computer. Exactly how it works I don't know. Hope this helps.
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