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Mazda Capella Supercharged Electrics

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  • Mazda Capella Supercharged Electrics

    Having saved two early nineties capellas from the recycler - converting one to a manual naturally- aspirated with a near new import motor and the other a supercharged automatic. They had been sitting together several years with a fuel systems full of bio. The one had been overheated and left with the head off all that time and rat urine destroyed the motor entirely the other looked good but it was being scrapped because the owner couldn't sort out the auto trans. - the dreaded 626 throttle indicator fault that masks so many others and the fuel had turned to bitumen and the injector pump and fuel tank were throw aways. However the first had stabilized fuel and the injector pump etc. was pristine. So it is ready to go with new brakes etc. BUT the last hurdle is wiring - the start position of the key works but power doesn't get to the solenoid and all the left hand dash seems dead and servo motor controlled heater etc. do not work which makes it difficult to sort out coolant etc. or survive a hot day in a black car. I have a copy of the earlier 626 diesel wiring (1983 +) but they are little use. If anyone knows where or how a wiring diagram can be found,copied, bought or sold even what colour the appropriate wires are I would love to hear from you.