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Biodiesel in case 1155 d track loader

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  • Biodiesel in case 1155 d track loader

    Anybody had experience using biodiesel in earthmoving equipment , I have a case 1155d track loader 1983 model 8.3 litre 6 cylinder naturally aspirated Diesel (engine a504bd )and won't to know if there is anything I should be aware of
    cheers jasen

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    Re: Biodiesel in case 1155 d track loader

    Can't say for sure but wouldn't think it would be an issue. But what I want to know is whats the machine like I've been looking at tracked loaders for a while and the case models come up pretty often


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      Re: Biodiesel in case 1155 d track loader

      I don't think there will be an issue either , after all back in 83 they built them pretty basic , It's a great machine , at the time I didn't know anything about track loaders , I narrowed it down to 2 and then paid a diesel mechanic to come with me and inspect and report on the machine for me , well worth the money for 1 day , the reason I went with the case is that parts are still available.


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        Re: Biodiesel in case 1155 d track loader

        Does the engine have an in-line or rotary Injector pump (or other injector pump system)?
        Is it direct or indirect injection?
        I would guess that it has an inline injector pump and direct injection.
        Apart from cleaning the diesel bug from the fuel tank and leaving it in a succession of fuel filters, I do not see any major issues.
        Fuel hoses may need replacing as old ones tend to deteriorate rapidly when changing to biodiesel.

        If it has a rotary Injector pump, it may be prudent to have the seals changed to seals which are made from "Viton". This will prevent seal deterioration issues which may arise later in the use of biodiesel. In-line IPs generally only have O ring seals at the delivery valves. Other seals are usually copper crush washers which are not affected by biodiesel.

        If the engine is indirect injection (usually have Glow Plugs) and an in-line IP, perhaps you would like to consider using used cooking oil in preference to biodiesel. This will save about $0.40 per litre on your fuel costs and quite some time in preparing the biodiesel.

        Best wishes in your project.
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          Re: Biodiesel in case 1155 d track loader

          I start an MF backhoe and case track loader on Bd and run on wvo for years, no problems at all. With BD, every things fine, but with VO you have to have a bit extra heating because the IP's are in the open and not in a warm engine bay. I add 10% dino during winter and have installed an in line electric heating element and fuel pump in the VO line which has made a big difference in power.