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Hello from Melbourne and a few questions!

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  • Hello from Melbourne and a few questions!

    Hi All,

    I've planned on going down the SVO/Blending route for a while but a change to my circumstances saw me move house and get rid of my oil stocks.
    Anyway I'm now settled in my new place, got a regular supply of oil (yay for a sister in law owning a cafe) and have just picked up a very original 300TDI Discovery to use.
    I've got a good supply of cheap kerosene to use for blending, thinking about a blend of 85-90 WVO to 10-15 kero mix. Does this sound like a reasonable ratio? Also do you think any form a fuel heating would help or be needed here in Melbourne (coldest I would see is about 0 degrees when I go away during winter).

    Appreciate any advice.


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    Re: Hello from Melbourne and a few questions!

    Hi Bruce
    Regards blend and heating, I suggest for a start you commence some small experiments. Take some old jars mix up your proposed blends and place in your fridge. Observe for cloudiness/solidification which will give you an indication of what state your fuel will be in a 3C Melbourne winter morning. Remember, this is the state it will be in your tank, lines, filter, injection pump, injectors etc.
    Alternatively move up here to Queensland
    Note, inspect your sister in laws cafe, see what she cooks in her oil and see if you can reclaim the used oil with least amount of animal fats in it.
    As for suitability of the 300tdi engine, Iím not familiar as to whether itís direct/indirect injection, IP type etc, so will leave that to the many more learned others on this forum to advise you, however have a good look around the forum for any others with this engine.
    Kind regards Harvey
    1983 BJ42 Landcruiser (sold)
    1997 C250TD Mercedes-Benz 60,000 km on wvo


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      Re: Hello from Melbourne and a few questions!

      Thanks Harvey,

      I'll do the those test, good idea. Oil is pretty good quality so no dramas there.
      I'd love to move up North!


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        Re: Hello from Melbourne and a few questions!

        Well here is how things are going so far. Have setup a up flow settling tank made from an old olive barrel and jam bucket from the local bakery, there is PVC pipe going from the bucket to near the bottom of the barrel using a bulkhead type fitting between the bucket and barrel. The take off tap looks low but internally there is a pipe to pick up clean oil from near the top of the barrel, I did this as this was where a flat surface was to mount the tap. There is also a dump valve at the bottom to clear any crud.

        While that is going on I've also filtered some oil and added 10% stale petrol to run in my Discovery 300tdi, this oil had settled for six months then another two weeks after adding the petrol. I then run in through my centrifuge made from an old Braun juicer, I picked up the juicer for $20 and have sealed the basket with aluminum tape and epoxy. So far it is working well but I have to use a slow flow rate of about 1 litre a minute or less. I've just started on my first mix in the car with %50 oil and %50 diesel to see how she goes. Got a spare filter tools and gloves in the car! I've done this all on pretty cheaply, you can pick up barrels etc for free or very cheaply off Gumtree and Facebook marketplace. Forum is not letting me upload pics so click on the links if you are interested.