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Advice on dead injector pump

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  • Advice on dead injector pump

    Hi All,
    New there. I have been trying to run my Nissan Navara Ute (1997 D22 TD27) on WVO and put through a batch that wasn't filtered properly and looks like it has killed my Injector pump (solenoids and line all check out). Mechanic has sourced a second hand one but just wanted to check here for any advice if people can. Is it possible to bypas the manual injector pump or feed it with something like this http://www.wvodesigns.com/raw-power-...ator.html.html ? The replacement pump is second hand so no idea what the condition will be like and these things seem to be expensive, $500 for the second hand one, almost $2k for a reconditioned . Assuming I use the manual replacement would an electric pump help prolong the life of the manual pump?

    Anyone got any other suggestions?

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    Re: Advice on dead injector pump

    Hello jpcw,

    Not sure what injection pump you have on your 1997 D22 TD27 Navara. I am not very clear about what you think the WVO designs pump will do.

    The task of the injection pump is to do two things. One is to act as a lift pump, sucking the fuel from the tank. The second is to increase the pressure of the fuel to 3,000psi and inject it at the very right moment to the injector that will then open under the pressure and spray the fuel into the cylinder - much like the role of a distributor in an old style petrol engine.

    The WVO designs pump will help to provide positive pressure to the intake of the fuel injection pump so the lift pump components in the injection pump will not have to work as hard. The rotating head of the injection pump side is extremely finely machined and can be damaged by bad fuel and DO wear over time and need replacement around 300,000km.

    The injection pumps on the TD27 "may" have a small filter on the intake banjo that could have got clogged. Your fuel filter may have let through enough small sediment to clog this and replacing or cleaning this gauze filter may resolve your problem.

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    Start up and shut down electric fuel pump feeds IP direct.
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      Re: Advice on dead injector pump

      Dear jpcw
      If your Ute was running ok before the bad fuel batch I donít know that an expensive wvo pump is your answer.
      As Tim mentioned, look for blockages at the IP. I assume you have already ensured your line from the pick up at the tank all the way to the engine bay is clear (eg by blowing through some compressed air).
      Itís always good to have a clear prefilter before your main filter so you can see what crap you have coming through before it gets anywhere near your IP. See articles elsewhere on the forum regards this.
      Re using an electric pump, If you want to have your IP lift pump work a bit easier (given veggie is thicker than dino) some of us successfully use facet pumps near the tank to overcome pressure drop. These can be rigged to a feed so that they are on when ignition is on. See other threads, however at $15 these are a little more economical than the one you are looking at

      I wish you luck in your trouble shooting, let us know what you find.

      Regards Harvey
      1983 BJ42 Landcruiser (sold)
      1997 C250TD Mercedes-Benz 60,000 km on wvo