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2002 Holden Rodeo 2.8lt running on SVO

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  • 2002 Holden Rodeo 2.8lt running on SVO

    Hi Everyone, New to the forum but thought i would contribute after using many of your ideas for my projects.
    I have a 2002 Holden Rodeo 2.8lt running on SVO for over 65000km and loving it. Had a few hiccups but have the best system now. Nearly finished a 1999 1hz Landcruiser conversion with a 180lt long ranger tank for SVO. The system i use is pretty simple. Separate tank for oil, hydraulic 10mm plastic lines for both supply and return, oil from tank to a heat exchanger ( old transmission cooler from BA ford cost $40) , through twin CAV fuel filters, inline fuel pump ( ebay $15?) to solenoid valve switchover. I have also fitted a pre heat loop solenoid and switch which circulates the veg oil through the filter system until the temperature gauge gets to operating temp then switch over to SVO.

    The only thing that i am going to change for the Landcruiser is instead of all the return from the injector pump going into the Veg tank i am going to have a switch and solenoid swapping it over according to what fuel you are using. This is so when my wife is driving she can use straight Diesel without pumping all the return into the veg tank.

    The cross contamination of diesel into the veg tank does not seem to bother anything for short runs until the fuel changeover. But my wife does not want to dick around changing switches when running around town and i don't want veg oil in the main diesel tank. Best to keep her happy.

    Maybe i should have started a new post for this. Feel free to change this Tony.

    Moved to new thread as requested. Tony


    Tony From West Oz
    Vice Chairperson of WARFA
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