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    Hi All,

    I have just finished installing a straight waste veggie oil system to my 105 series 1HZ supercharged Landcruiser. Maiden voyage about 30 km to see how it switched over and it ran beautifully. I have tried to attach a system diagram as well as a wiring diagram for anyone interested in how it works.

    It is a manual system that has 3 switches. You start on diesel and also switch the pre heat loop on so the veg oil goes through the heat exchanger and filters then back to the tank until the coolant system is warm ( aprox 5-10 km) then switch over to veg oil and turn the pre heat switch off. I also added a return switch to swap between tanks to minimise any veggie oil going into the main diesel tank. This change over is a little bit of guess work but i would rather put return diesel into the veggie oil tank than veggie oil into the main. ( Hope that makes sense) I have the exact same system installed in a 2002 Holden rodeo and done around 70 000km so far without any issues.

    I have sourced most of the parts from EBAY and local suppliers as well as using a transmission heat exchanger from a BA falcon from the wreckers. Let me know if anyone needs to know more info. Happy to share.

    One thing I would like to know is what are the emissions from an engine using SVO? I understand that there is no sulphur dioxide but what are the carbon emissions compared to diesel?

    I am in the Port Macquarie area and usually have around 500 litres of filtered oil if someone is travelling through.

    Happy travels.


    Click image for larger version

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