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SVO Exhaust Emissions

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  • SVO Exhaust Emissions

    Hi Everyone,

    Has anyone researched the difference between the exhaust emissions from straight Diesel, Bio Diesel and Straight Waste Veg oil?

    The only thing i have been able to find is SVO has no sulphur dioxide and about 70% less carbon emissions? Not sure how accurate that info is.

    I am currently running a 2002 Rodeo ( Isuzu 2.8 lt turbo diesel) 68000km so far on SVO and a 105 series Landcruiser 1HZ Supercharged 2000km on SVO.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


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    Re: SVO Exhaust Emissions

    While I do not have any test results, The CO2 from Vegetable oil was taken from the air by the plant to make the oil, so it is carbon neutral. (any CO2 emissions from harvesting and processing are debited against the intended user.against the intended user, so no CO2 emissions are associated with the use of used cooking oil.)
    Soot emissions from diesels are mostly seen as black smoke on acceleration. I have yet to see a veggie powered diesel blow black smoke.
    Veggie oil does not have much (if any) Sulphur, so SO2 emissions should be zero.

    These are my thoughts and as yet, no one has provided any evidence to the contrary.
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      Re: SVO Exhaust Emissions

      Oh they blow smoke alright and they stink, I don't know what some of these veg guys are doing but some of them reek. Even my HDI pug running on 100% bio will smoke under hard acceleration, and also it stinks when cold. That said it also stinks and blows smoke with dino diesel so pick your poison.


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        Re: SVO Exhaust Emissions

        Quote : Has anyone researched the difference between the exhaust emissions from straight Diesel, Bio Diesel and Straight Waste Veg oil?

        What every biofueler wants to know is the difference in emissions from diesel , which is what they are replacing as their fuel.
        For SVO ,there is a significant increase in PAH ( poly-aromatic hydrocarbons) which are carcinogenic .

        For biodiesel , the PAH emissions are about 15-20% compared to petro-diesel . Other BD numbers are :

        Sulphur dioxide = 0% compared to diesel

        Carbon monoxide = 50%

        Unburned fuel = 5%

        Soot = 70% ( but this is composed of much bigger clumps and less inhale-able than sub-2.5 micron particles from petro fuels )

        Nitrous oxide = 110% ( the smog chemical )

        I sometimes run on a blend 20%SVO/BD , but on country highways where there are few kiddy lungs