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Filtering Waste Vegetable Oil

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    Tony From West Oz
    Vice Chairperson of WARFA

  • Tony From West Oz
    Re: Filtering Waste Vegetable Oil

    I keep all of the filter crud and mix with sawdust for use in our wood fired home heating system.
    We use the wood fire mostly for house heating, and veggie oil for heating water for showers, etc. One fire is stock wood burner and the other has an oil burner installed.
    Nothing wasted!

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  • Harvey
    Re: Filtering Waste Vegetable Oil

    Hi Yendor
    Clocking up 80,000 km on your existing filtering is sufficient proof that what you are doing works. So “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”!.
    As for your “vast quantities of gunky oil”, perhaps advertise it on this forum for those adrenaline junkies who play with hazardous chemicals (ala our biodiesel brothers).??
    Alternatively, to reduce “waste”, try and source a supplier that provides cleaner oil. My favourite is Sushi restaurants. There is little animal fats etc that they cook and therefore vegie oil stay’s purer.
    Kind regards, Harvey

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  • yendor
    Junior Member

  • yendor
    started a topic Filtering Waste Vegetable Oil

    Filtering Waste Vegetable Oil

    Hi Everyone,

    Have been using SVO in my UTE for the past 80 000km and filtering my own oil using a simple but effective method.

    Basically i pick up all the waste oil from a local cafe.

    Pour it into a clean drum until it looks a bit gunky then stop.

    Pour that through 3 layers of sheer dress fabric that looks like silk screen into an IBC.

    Pump it into the ute and go.

    I end up dumping vast quantities of gunky oil that i am not sure how to salvage?

    Is there a better way of filtering this to get the most out of the drums without using a centrifuge?

    I would appreciate any suggestions and diagrams please?



    2002 Holden Rodeo
    1999 105 series landcruiser 1HZ