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Pump Selection for VE Indirect Injection Pump 1HZ?

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  • Pump Selection for VE Indirect Injection Pump 1HZ?

    Howdy ppl,
    Looking for recommendations of pump type to use to feed a DENSO VE Pump to push wvo from 100% veg oil tank through a 60 plate HE and a CAV DEPHI 296 filter and up to the pump. Does anyone know of any psi limits for this type of pump or anything, in particular, I should be aware of as to what to buy? I know the internal feed pressure on the pump is 2.9 psi.

    Pumps is a Toyota Coaster Motorhome and 1HZB50R. Pretty similar to the Landcruiser 1HZ.

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    I went through a few different pumps. Started with a Facet type ticker fuel pump but found it didn't last for me. I ended up picking up a Walbro FRB pump cheap and it has worked well for me.
    VE shouldn't need much pressure to feed it.


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      Where did you get the idea the IP has an internal fuel feed pressure? It normally operates without a lift pump doesn’t it? The vane pump built into the IP lifts fuel from the tank, thru the line and through the filter without any problem. Cold oil or congealed fats will however cause problems. Best thing to do is increase the size of the inlet pipe to 10 or 12mm ID and heat the filter with coolant in some way. By trying to pump cold oil through a small pipe and through a cold filter you are going to get starvation issues anyway. Not a Toyota but my vehicle has gone over 200000km on oil without a lift pump on its VE pump
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        Originally posted by Johnnojack View Post
        Where did you get the idea the IP has an internal fuel feed pressure?
        It's written in the test plan for my specific pump. It has a vane pump yes.

        All the lines are 1/2 OD and 10mm ID most of the way, some smaller through connections and 8mm into the filter etc. The vane pump sucks diesel from the tank 7 mtrs away and the veg tank is 2-3 meters away if warmed or hot should be able to be drawn up by pump probably I think too. I bought a pump anyway in case I will need it, but I think will be handy for changing filters etc I intend to put a regulator on it and I have other uses for the oil that I want to be able to get it oil from the veg tank sometimes.

        Some say I need a pump some say I don't, some say the veg should be cycled to get hot using a pump some say they don't. So what I'm going to do is first try it without a pump and see how it goes.


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          The reason for adding a pump at the tank, is to prevent air ingress due to suction in the fuel delivery line and the thick, cold oil. This suction will cause air ingress into the fuel line if there are any weak points in the fuel delivery system from tank to IP. You do not want air in the rotary IP as it will cause wear and possible damage to the IP.
          The addition of the lift pump is to put positive pressure on the fuel delivery system and prevent this issue.
          It may never happen, but it is a strong possibility, especially if you do not have a guarantee that your oil has no high melting point oil in it, and especially you live in a location where the oil may solidify.
          By adding the pump, you reduce the harm that may be caused if the oil is partially solidified.
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