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Biodiesel processor for sale , brand new , 220 litre ( Sydney)

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  • Biodiesel processor for sale , brand new , 220 litre ( Sydney)

    Shiny new all-stainless 220 litre output per batch biodiesel processor for sale due to cancelled order .
    I fabricated this processor for a client in Ghana , West Africa , ( I went there a couple of years ago to commission
    a 1000L/day system I built in Sydney) who now cannot afford the post-Covid quadrupled shipping cost .
    I've built many systems like this in the last 22 years ; it is reliable , simple to use and SAFE .
    Included is catalyst mixer and drywash tank . I have perfected the use of cellulose in the form of hardwood chips/sawdust
    for removal of the residual by-product soaps/salts for water-free and quick clean and polish of the biodiesel .

    COST is $ 4.5k

    With $2.40 per litre and rising for diesel nowadays, this will soon return your investment , specially if it's shared with other high fuel users ,
    which is the model I often work with. A free training session is included .
    PM or call 0407 234 339 for more info.

    Biodiesel Processor , 220 Litre output per batch .
    All 316 grade stainless steel construction.
    Coned-bottom 260 litre reactor with 1.5 kW 240V impeller mixer, 2.4kW heater with timer, transfer pump to drywash column .
    Catalyst mixer , 50 litre , 0.75 Kw mixer , with transfer pump to reactor .
    Cellulose ( woodchip) drywash up-flow column tank , 300L , with internal filter + external final 10 micron filter.
    Footprint 2mW x 1mD x 2mH
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    The equipment listed above was sold some time ago now . Building another. Thanks forum.