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Mazda Capella 1994 'Urban Break' s/charged manual wagon

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  • Mazda Capella 1994 'Urban Break' s/charged manual wagon

    This is a beautiful car, about 130 k kilometers, perfect glass no rust but clear coat degraded. It has new brakes incl master cyl and clutch. New bat. There is a kiddies jump seat that unfolds and faces backwards on the back deck, seatbelts and all. I had converted it to a manual recently when I dropped the torque converter into the dirt changing the rear seal for rego purposes. Driving home from the inspection last week to fix one fault - a front turn signal light the speedo drive pinion shaft broke and it fell into the trans about 5 k from home. No noise or anything but I don't make biodiesel anymore and at 75 y.o. I thought WTF it is time to move on with the limited time at my disposal. The motor is excellent, s/charger works well and there is a huge inventory of spares; 1 s/charger, 1 fuel pump on the shelf sealed and filled with ATF not biodiesel, several speedos, cv's, clutch parts, new master cyl.'s, small chassis parts and accs., two or three rads, manuals, filters. If you can get your hands on a manual trans. it is an easy fix. Maybe that little shaft part found a safe lodgement below the works but I wouldn't guarantee it.

    Its at Penguin Tas, short drive to the ferry, should get there OK and all the bits would fit in and still leave room for a driver. Will sell parts separately too if it will help anyone. Recently sold a vg naturally aspirated RF7 engine to a guy who grafted it into a tractor. I'm sure this would power a boat or irrigator if you don't want the car. Can send pics. $1500 the lot or just the engine and engine spares if I have to pull it out.