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A bunch of veg oil conversion parts

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  • A bunch of veg oil conversion parts

    This was just listed on ozbenz by myself.

    Hi folks.
    Over the years I have collected a large bunch of parts to do a proper conversion to run vegetable oil in the OM617.

    I find myself without a diesel anymore and have no reason to keep them.

    Up for sale is:

    1x NEW Pollak valvepaid $175
    1x used Pollak valve
    1x NEW large surface area FPHEpaid $120
    2x NEW metres of GATES heater hose
    2x NEW walbro brand 7psi 6000 series pumps (serious units...)paid $185 each
    1x used aftermarket temperature gauge with fittings
    2x used CAV/delphi filter units with 3 spare filter elements
    NEW brass fittings to plumb all the fuel and water parts together properlypaid $90
    Used spliced heater hoses from a w123 300D so you don't have to cut your originals
    Heaps of assorted quality hose clamps

    I would rather sell the lot as a kit, but will take offers on individual parts. The prices listed are shown to give a guide as to what I paid and I'm not really keen to make much of a loss on them.

    Like my other parts you can expect this stuff to drift onto ebay in the new financial year.

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    Re: A bunch of veg oil conversion parts

    Make an offer on the lot, before I start selling it on ebay.


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      Now on ebay

      WVO KIT 2X Pollak Valves Pump Brass Parts 2X CAV Filters Fphe AND Lots More | eBay


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        Re: Now on ebay

        Good luck with that.
        I can't see you offloading it unless you drop your price substantially. The demand for veg related items isn't what it used to be as you have no doubt come to realise in the 4 or more months you have already been trying to shift the stuff.
        I also think that more and more people are waking up to the fact you don't need all this complication and expense to run veg, especially on something like a Mercedes.


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          Re: A bunch of veg oil conversion parts

          Thanks for your advice Peter.
          I have not actually been trying to shift it but rather posting it up here and on another enthusiast forum, without any price for members in the hope that it would move on to someone here. The price of $700 is ambitious, but consider that it includes free postage and that ebay takes 10%. That is before the paypal fees.
          It is the easiest way to reach a large number of potential buyers, and I linked it from here to offer photos to people. This was 1 week ago.

          On the note of simplicity, yes indeed it is possible to convert the w123 motor with a few plumbing parts from bunnings, a bit of garden hose, and a few hose clamps. You'd need to pre-mix your oil with diesel before decanting it into your tank, deal with blocked filters regularly particularly in winter, and have a system that has little real-world reliability.

          If you want a dual tank system, that has selectable supply and return, can purge quickly with the engine off, can heat and pump 100% WVO even in cold climates, and use first class parts that are switchable from inside the cabin then you need to spend a little more.


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            Re: A bunch of veg oil conversion parts

            Sold to a fellow enthusiast.