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I cannot open any thread!

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  • I cannot open any thread!

    I tried to open a thread twice and they don't get activated! Also, I sent an enquiry to the forum and no answer.

    What else can I do?

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    Re: I cannot open any thread!

    Here see you have started a thread. All Good?
    Welcome to the forum.
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      Re: I cannot open any thread!

      As a first time poster, there are automated spam filters to stop us being infiltrated by crap.
      One of the classic triggers is people putting a link in the post. You may have done this without knowing the consequences and inadvertently offended the automatic spam trap gods that work 24/7 to protect us.

      However this post has worked, so I join Nick and welcoming you to the forum. I will check to see if any of your other posts have been moderated and release them as necessary.

      {Edit - I have found your other posts, and both had links in them as I suspected. They are now approved for viewing by everyone}

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      Twin Tank setup runs on 100% WVO after warm up. 30 plate FPHE with 80C output, 12mm fuel lines
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      Front 4WDSytstems Lokka, Rear ARB airlokka for quick escapes up sandhills. Performance GTurbo with 600mm FMIC gives 450nm @ 1700rpm at 20psi boost.


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        Re: I cannot open any thread!

        Ey! Thanks Rodeonick.

        It seems that everything is fine here, but I cannot open a thread in the other sections... and I don't know why.


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          Re: I cannot open any thread!

          I didn't update the page and I just found your messages... thanks Tim!! Excellent, everything is working now

          I appreciate your support


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            Re: I cannot open any thread!

            Hi Tim,

            I'm new to the forum and posted a new thread last night. I can't see it today, so I'm guessing it got sent to the spam file because I put a link in. I don't want to double up in case it is still waiting for moderator review. Should I just try again without the link?


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              Re: I cannot open any thread!

              Your post has been approved.
              Life is a journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy.

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