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    Re: Animal fats in WVO

    Hi there John

    I noticed this recent post of yours. i too am having fun cold filtering at the moment. I too come from gippsland i noticed that you live near bruthen i travel through there a fair...
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    Re: Selling 4 runner converted SVO dual tank

    Hey mate,

    Did you sell ya 4 runner i have a 1993 SR5 dual tank setup and live in upper beaconsfield not far away. would be interested to know about the setup you had on it? and perhaps meet...
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    Re: Topic: Centrifuge filtering

    Hi fella's thanks for your replys

    I'm finding at the moment i can filter 200l to 5um in about 2hrs which is not bad, however i know as winter approaches this is going to become increasingly hard...
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    Topic: Centrifuge filtering

    Hi there,

    I am currently cold filtering to 5micron using undersink filters. I have been thinking that a centrifuge would be a great next step.

    Has anyone made one? cheap? and if so have they...
  5. Re: Vehicles converted and successfully running on WVO

    Toyota Hilux 4WD 1993 SR5 2.8 indirect injection 2 tank SVO setup.
  6. Leets Meet and Swap ideas SVO Peeps in or around Melb/Vic

    Hi Everyone,

    So i have converted my 1993 2.8 Hilux with success i have done around 6000 KLm's on SVO in the last 12 weeks since i first got going!

    My filtering setup is getting there but as...
  7. Re: New SVO user wanting help Sourcing oil near Berwick or south eastern subburbs of

    Hey Jason,

    Thanks for your reply!

    great to hear about your filter setup with the wollies bags i think i am going to do the same!! would you be able to send me some photos of your upflow...
  8. opionions on the ANC greese energy conversion kit

    Hi there,

    I am trying to decide on a kit for conversion on my 1993 2.8l hilux, was thinking a two tank system as i live in victoria where i suspect the cold may be a problem.

    Has anyone bought...
  9. Re: New SVO user wanting help Sourcing oil near Berwick or south eastern subburbs of

    Thanks for your Reply Jason!! So Quick!!

    Good to know about the bigger pubs and the agreements they may have with cookers or other collectors. I might see if i can talk around the my local pub...
  10. New SVO user wanting help Sourcing oil near Berwick or south eastern subburbs of melb

    Hi Follks,

    So i just joined the forum, stoked be to imbarking on my WVO/SVO journey, i have a 1993 Hilux 2.8 SR5. I have yet to start my conversion but have found lots of useful info in this...
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