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  1. For Sale: 2005 Ford Courier 4x4 with SVO Elsbett conversion

    Regretfully selling our ute because of moving overseas. Ute located Nimbin, Far North Coast, NSW. 3 hours from Brisbane. NSW rego about 3 months left.

    2005 Ford Courier dual cab 4x4 2.5L WLT....
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    Re: Did my post work?

    I wrote another one. It said your post will not be visible until a moderator approves it.

    So i made a new short post and then edited my message text in. Thanks. A moderator can delete this whole...
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    Did my post work?

    Not sure if my post in here is awaiting approval or if it got automatically marked as spam or something?

    Edit : oh dear this one just worked... is there a way to recover the other post i wrote?
  4. Re: Mazda Bravo / Ford Courier 2.5 Turbodiesel on WVO Blends

    I have recently converted a 2005 2.5TD Courier with an Elsbett (ANC) kit to run on 100% WVO. There is a small fuel pump and a fuel heater during warmup, as well as longer glow plugs and different...
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