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  1. Market Research on SVO in Australia/Vege Oil co-op in Hobart, TAS

    Hello friends!

    Does anyone know if there have been any previous studies undertaken on consumer awareness/confidence regarding SVO/RVO (recycled vegetable oil) systems?

    Basically I'm...
  2. Re: Vehicles converted and successfully running on WVO


    Nissan Terrano TD27 . 2.7l 4 cyl diesel. Running on WVO since Dec 2006. Filter to 5 micron. Using Vegiecars coldstart kit and oil warmer. Posiflo pump and Ryco fuel filter with glass bowl...
  3. Replies

    Re: WVO to give away

    Hi Phil,

    If you want to give me an email at I'd be interested in meeting up with you at some point. I've been running on WVO since Dec, 2006. I'm currently in Lenah Valley...
  4. Re: Need help / tips finding veggie oil in Ballarat

    If I were you I would convince some of those shops to change to vegetable oil and offer 15c a litre as renumeration. Its much better to cook with less fuss and doesn't smell like rancid fat. ;)
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