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    Re: What to say when people ask?

    might as well make something good out of all the fat arses eating fast food! That and you are burning Carbon, but carbon that was taken up a year or two ago instead of millions of years ago.
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    Re: Does anyone run a Citroen C4 on Bio

    I know of lots of guys running their 307's on bio with no problems and the C4 has the same engine so you should be sweet.
  3. Re: Water/alcohol injection and diesel engines

    Water injection is great for petrol engines as it cools and slows the flame front on piston allowing you to advance the timing and getting more power as a result. With diesels, unless it works in the...
  4. Re: How many biodiesel users are there in Tas.

    Hi all! I am new to the forum and thought I'd say hi. I am currently living in Longford but am moving to the Huon Valley this year. I am heavily into older diesel Peugeots and have brought a few...
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