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Thread: 'Off-the-grid' doco - Amatuers and experts wanted

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    'Off-the-grid' doco - Amatuers and experts wanted

    G'day folks,

    I have been trolling around the site for quite a while now. Lots of very cool stuff going on.

    Myself and a colleague are traveling down the east coast of Australia, looking at grass-roots movements into alternative sources of food, fuel and energy. We will be starting in Brisbane and making our way down to Tassie.

    We would love the chance to quiz people about their setups, their reasons for exploring these alternatives, and their experiences. If you are interested, just reply here or PM me and I will pass on my phone number. If you know someone who would be interested, please pass this request onto them. If you are camera shy, or are not in our path we would be happy to correspond via email or phone, or to chat off camera.

    We will be traveling in a Hilux ute, converted to a 2-tank diesel/SVO system, and would also really appreciate biodiesel or filtered SVO fuel along the way (we are happy to pay of course).

    Off the (forum) topic a little, if you are also involved in permaculture, food co-ops, aquaponics, alternative electricity generation, or other such alternatives we would really appreciate your input.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: 'Off-the-grid' doco - Amatuers and experts wanted

    Hi Peter, sounds like a great adventure.
    I'm building a strawbale house just south of Sydney in Razorback, on a block of land we are setting up for permaculture. We were using B100 in our two cars and mower until the commercial supplier in Marrickville was forced to stop selling it.
    Would love to make my own but too busy at the moment, so unfortunately back on pure dino
    Have a look at my blog ( and feel free to get in touch.
    We buy from the local food co-op, and run solar panels to offset our usage.
    Cheers, Tim.
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