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Thread: Biodiesel Home Processor - 435 Litre (total batch size)

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    Biodiesel Home Processor - 435 Litre (total batch size)

    Contact: Steve
    Mobile: 0431 670581
    Price: $800

    Biodiesel Home Processor - 435 Litre (total batch size)
    For sale is my biodiesel making equipment that can produce a maximum of 335Lof Biodiesel per batch.

    The 435L total batch volume is made up of 353L of used vegetable oil and 81L (23%) of Methanol, and ~3.3kg of KOH. 100L glycerin byproduct is produced (that can go down the sewer it is water soluble).

    Depending on how much you pay for the Methanol (I pay $1.31/L) and the Potassium Hydroxide (KOH cost me $5/kg), you can produce fuel for ~41c/L. At the current price of diesel that is a saving of ~$1.10/L or $326 per batch. This unit will pay for iteself after less than 3 full batches.

    The equipment includes everything you need to produce biodiesel:
    Reactor vessel (manufactured from 2 x 220L petrol rated drums welded together) on a stand with:
    o External base plate 2kW Kambrook heater
    o Internal immersion heater (Stokes 1.8kW)
    o Water washing sprays
    o Level indicator tube
    o Valves and couplings (all DN 1)
    One Alemite (Piusi) 240V 72L/min 550W diesel vane pump with mounting
    One Alemite 501 hand Rotary Drum Pump
    In line cartridge filter (10um water type) with mounting
    Two in line filters (Z1 oil type and Z5 fuel type)
    Two 220L drum horizontal carriers/trolleys
    All required hoses with cam lock couplings (1) and isolation valves, blanking ends etc. - Note: the hoses are at the end of their useful safe life and should be replaced. If you want me to buy new ones I will (from total rubber in perth - Armorvin HNA suction tube clear PVC Helo 25mm ID 33mm OD $13.61/m -5C to 65C temp range) but I'll pass on the cost and add it to the sale price.
    Two Bag filters
    Digital thermometer
    205L Methanol drum with ~15L of methanol left
    ~15kg of KOH
    Titration equipment (to calculate how much KOH to add for the given oil used)
    Fuel station nozzle

    To make biodiesel you will need to collect some used vegetable oil from your local fish & chip shop etc., and buy some more methanol (sold by several outlets around Perth - see below for some with prices).

    I live in Safety Bay. I can deliver locally within 20km (I have a trailer).

    Give me a call if you want to have a look at it

    I've attached a the details of the Council application that got me going making biodiesel in my previous residence in Kalgoorlie and the spreadsheet that I used to make the biodiesel using this reactor etc.

    Below are the Perth Methanol and KOH, NaOH suppliers and prices for you to reference.

    I'll take some photos of the gear on the weekend and post them on this site.

    If you have never made biodiesel before then please understand the process and the requirement to get Council approval and the ok from your neighbours (if residential) before you come and have a look. Read my Council approval application document attached, this explains the process and the requirements of the various applicable Australian Standards and Dangerous Goods code etc. I'd recommend taking a copy of this to your council and having a chat with them to see if they will even entertain the idea in your area. If you get a positive response from your council and neighbours and are want to progress your biodiesel making career then call me to have a look at my unit for sale.

    Good luck

    Methanol Supplies

    B.M.Racing Kenwick
    Brian Mulling 0419 919 343
    205L drum Coogee Methanol (99.93%) $270 ($1.31/L)
    205L drum of imported Methanol (99.85%) $245 ($1.20/L) not always in stock

    RRW Services Osborne Park
    David Thomas 08 9443 1719
    205L drum Coogee Methanol (99.93%) $270 ($1.31/L)
    20L drum Coogee Methanol (99.93%) $55 ($2.75/L)

    KOH & NaOH supplies

    AGent Sales and Services - Kewdale
    Ph: (08) 9453 1211
    KOH flakes Technical Grade (90% pure) 25kg - $130 + GST ($5.20/kg)- in stock
    NaOH flake Technical Grade (90% pure) 25kg - $50 + GST ($2.00/kg) in stock

    Klen Wangarra
    08 9302 4000
    KOH flakes Technical Grade (90% pure) 25kg - $139 ($5.56/kg)- in stock
    NaOH flake Technical Grade (90% pure) 25kg - $60.25 ($2.41/kg) in stock

    Sigma Chemicals- 4 Yampi Way Willetton WA 6155 - Expensive
    9345 2233
    KOH flakes Technical Grade (90% pure) 25kg - $316 ($12.64/kg)- not always in stock
    NaOH mini pearl 25kg - $99 ($4/kg) in stock
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