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Thread: 3 tank system

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    3 tank system

    For yrs i have run a 2 tank system on my hj60 cruiser, the original tank 90ltr for startup and 150ltr sov built into my bullbar.all good until i want to go away for a long trip and then i want to be able to fill both tanks with sov, so for a few yrs i addes a 5ltr plastic tank in the engine bay with a manual valve i would use for startup tank on long trips. Now i have added a 20ltr jerry can to the rear door and plumbed it up with solenoids ect so this now my permanent startup tank. 150ltr tank is still sov but the original 90ltr tank i now fill 90% sov and 10% ulp, I can hear you now WHY THE F####

    Complete flexability, the old cruiser wont start on a blend [old and tiered ] so i have to start on pure dino. Having started i can immeadiately switch to blend for warmup cycle also if i know im going to do a series of short trips that day i just leave it on blend and forget sov.
    When im on sov and its time to purge i switch to blend 10ks from home and then dino for the last 3ks, hopfully giving me a better purge than just dino for the last 3ks
    perhaps i just like switches

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    Re: 3 tank system

    Yeah sounds like a good plan - i keep meaning to get around to doing that same thing on my car and not quite there yet. I would use BIO for the startup tank, blend in my 90L tank then and full SVO in my 160L main tank. One day !!

    Holden Suburban K2500 1998 6.5L Turbo GM engine
    210,000KMs (90,000 on new crate motor)

    Currently 2 tanks in and working - 90 litre BIO tank and main tank of 160L WVO

    30 plate FPHE in Engine bay and Helton Dual coil in rear
    Walbro FRB-5 pusher pumps x 2

    50,000KM on Veg and 10,000Km on B100


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