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Thread: SOV but is there ANY reason you would not blend 5% ULP

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    Re: SOV but is there ANY reason you would not blend 5% ULP

    Quote Originally Posted by cotton top View Post
    The question was for ANY reason for NOT adding 5% petrol.

    Yup! waste of money.

    I used to blend 35ltrs dino, 35lts svo with 10% petrol. Stopped adding petrol, didn't make a damn's worth of difference.

    You should have stopped adding the diesel, that is a much greater proportion of the cost than the petrol was.
    We have been using a 10% blend of petrol with WVO for several years now with no problems. (No diesel added at all).
    The only reason my wife has started using biodiesel is that the W202 C250D Mercedes has a "saddle tank" which does not work well with anything more viscous than biodiesel. I still use the blend in my C250D, while I devise a solution to the "saddle tank" issue.

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    '80 Mercedes 300D. 2 tank conversion [Sold]
    '84 Mercedes 300D. 1 tank, no conversion. Replaced engine with rebuilt OM617A turbodiesel engine. Finally had good power. Donor for current Fatmobile coupe. (body parted out and carcass sold for scrap.)
    '99 Mercedes W202 C250 Turbodiesel (my darling Wife's car)[sold]
    '98 Mercedes W202 C250 Turbodiesel (my car)[sold]
    Parts Car C220 1993 SOLD.
    '85 Mercedes Benz W123 300CD Turbodiesel single tank using 95% used cooking oil and 5% to 10% misfuel (where someone had filled diesel vehicle with petrol).
    '06 Musso Sports Crew Cab. Running on used cooking oil with 5% to 10% misfuel. [Head gasket blew!]

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    Re: SOV but is there ANY reason you would not blend 5% ULP

    Hi Tony,
    Yeh I agree with the proportion thing, but I did do a lot of viscosity testing early on in the piece, and to get anywhere near a sensible reduction in viscosity, I needed about 30% petrol, and whilst it is a bit cheaper than diesel, I figured that the resultant repair bills night negate any advantage.
    Just at the moment I'm using the last of a 44 of kerosine that I bought for $1ltr

    But to your merc, I'm not conversant with that particular vehicle (or perhaps any other merc for that matter). Is it one of the legendary cars that will run on toilet paper provided you wiped up an oil spill with it first?
    I didn't mention in that post that I am using a 2.5ltr Pajero (I know I know), in my opinion they don't have a particularly robust pump, and whilst I have a spare, it's a pain in the sit-on valve having to change it


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