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Thread: HJ60 2H blending fail?

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    HJ60 2H blending fail?

    Hi all,
    I apologise firstly for the potentially controversial title of the thread but I thought I had better put this out there: the results of my first blending experiment.
    After purchasing my HJ60 Landcruiser at 407,000kms I ran it for one tank (70L) on petro-diesel with no problems, then for one and a half tanks on B100 (no problems) and finally in the last week or so, one and a half tanks of blended (90% WVO, 10% ULP).

    In the beginning of the blending experiment everything was fine... I could start up in the morning with the customary 2 or 3 cranks that I had come to expect while on petro-diesel or B100. Then in the mornings things started to get progressively worse... 4 cranks turned to 5 cranks turned to 8 cranks until the other day my battery died trying to crank. Luckily I didn't have to be anywhere quickly so I charged the battery and got it going (when it was a little warmer outside). Once its going and the engine is warmed up it will always start on the 2nd crank, but when its cold it just doesn't like the blended fuel. I would say though that even when warmed up the engine is blowing a lot more smoke than when running on B100 or petro-diesel.

    In the last few days I was noticing at idle the revs were fluctuating a bit... I'm assuming this could be the fuel filter getting gummed up so am going to look at that... but at the moment it seems that blending isn't for my car even though I really wanted it to work (with only a single tank and no room for making biodiesel I was really excited about this possibility).
    Anyway maybe you can suggest something I'm doing wrong (I pre-blended the WVO and ULP and then filtered the blend with a 1 micron bag before putting it in the tank)... but based on my recent experience I feel like I've had my fingers burnt enough.

    Tony I could add this to your thread of vehicles running on blends, but as I only actually did about 700km I don't know if that would be appropriate.

    Oh and one other question... my fuel economy was heaps worse on the blend (average 5.2km/L or 19.2L/100km) compared to petro-diesel (7.9km/L or 12.6L/100km) or B100 (7.6km/L or 13.2L/100km). Is it normal for blends or even SVO to have this reduced economy?

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    Re: HJ60 2H blending fail?

    So to sum up and maybe fill in some blanks....

    The vehicle is new to you so you don't really have a handle on it's pecularities or may not had a chance to discover any faults.

    You have only run 4 tanks of fuel through the thing so far. Two of those were known to release Dino crap from the fuel system.

    Have you checked the tank for debris and that the pickup is clean? When were the injectors last serviced/ replaced? What about the IP? Are all Cylinders within spec for compression? There are a lot of things that can be wrong that will allow an engine to run ok on dino that will show up when using a fuel that exceeds the tolerance of the components when using a more viscous fuel.

    Did you replace the potentially blocked fuel filter and take note of the engines behaviour then?

    Did you go back to Dino or Bio and did the start problems clear up? Was this with a new or the same old filter?

    You are basing your fuel consumption on just 1-1.5 tanks of each fuel?
    Did you follow the exact same route at the same speeds and loadings on each one to get your averages or were the journeys different?
    I can get economy averages varying wider than that over the same exact journey just by how loaded the vehicle is and how close I want to keep the thing to the limit up the hills. My daughter got over 25% better economy out of my truck yesterday coming back from the country than what I got going up there.
    I have never seen that economy out of the thing yet.
    Only real difference was she is speed restricted on her licence whereas I'm not. For 15L of free fuel, I'll spend it to drive to the limit and keep the journey 90 min shorter.

    No, it is not that normal for that much of a difference in economy just due to the difference in the fuels alone.
    The energy differential between the fuels is not that much different to correlate to those numbers.
    Given your numbers are based on a max of 1.5 tanks, I would suggest they are probably not the most reliable to go on anyway and there could be a great number of variables effecting them. They are more likely to be one offs than real world overall averages.

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    Re: HJ60 2H blending fail?

    My hj60 will only start from cold on a blend in v warm weather.
    I used 2 tank system for about 12yrs, all good , I now use 3 tank system, even better [search,3 tank system]
    With alarm buzzer if I turn off ignition and it is still switched to svo or blend tank.
    Yes its a bit of a job to organise extra tank, plumbing, and heat exchange but you only have to do it once.
    2h motors recirculate excess fuel to IP and not back to the tank so valves and plumbing is v simple. Just need a T from one tank or the other, you dont have to worry about return lines to the tank

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    Re: HJ60 2H blending fail?

    So after I got the 2H started yesterday on petro-diesel it ran fine... even after just 7km the fluctuating idling problem had cleared up (steady idle). After about 47km yesterday, this morning on a cold start it fired up after about the 4th crank with no smoke that I noticed. The idle seems a bit rough when its warming up, but after this its very steady. I was also enjoying going up the hills with the extra kick of the petro

    Would I be able to conclude from this that there is no major problem with the fuel filter?

    Based on what dagwill has added maybe this is a peculiarity of the 2H motor on blends?

    PS dagwill on another topic (should I start another thread?) where do you source and fit your extra tanks? It seems my HJ60 wagon is fitted with the flat 65L tank that sits above the spare wheel. I'm scratching my head a bit as to where you might fit other tanks. Will definitely research 3 tank systems - thanks for the tip!

    PPS Ok dagwill I just found your 3 tank system description here:
    Wow... 150L in the bull bar??? Have you ever posted any photos? I would love to see that!
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