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Your probably quite right Peter, i am going from a fairly youthfull memory. just remember taking the float bowl off and it was half full of what looked like water and petrol on top. It very easily could have been 30% water and 70% ethanol and that amount of water was just too high for the engine to run. I just assumed it was water. BUT if what you say is right and adding a little water to E85 makes the petrol separate and float, wouldnt this be happening wherever condensation occured in holding tanks ?? or would this amount of water just be absorbed and not cause separation.??
When I seperate the Petrol from the water it takes a " Critical" amount. Not sure what that amount is, never tried to test it. I just know if for Instance I have some water meth left in the vehicle and I empty a few litres of 50% Mix back into the straight e-85, nothing I can see happens. when you add a few litres to 10L, as I sometimes do If I run out of water in the container I use, I come back and the seperation has started. I don't know what the ratio is but I just have seen that say adding a litre of water to 20 L of e-85 dosen't seem to do anything.

I spose it's like the old thing of adding metho to your fuel tank to blend in the water.... only in reverse.