Im happy to report that on a big move 4 hours from perth, with my 92 Nissan urvan 4wd and trailer loaded to the hilt, I was getting 10% extra speed and 10% extra power, sitting on 110km per hour, compared to the struggling on 100 kmph I was getting on diesel

Its clear evidence in my mind, that we are paying top dollar for a low quality product, that is toxic to the environment and with diesel fumes now being called the next potential health concern, it saddens me that the world is so far behind on clean fuel tech

Im pretty sure that these junk fuels are full of fillers, evaporators and other toxins, to make them as nasty and overpriced as possible. Getting diesel on your skin isn't pleasant either.

Funny how multimillions are spent on the most difficult and cumbersome fuel source, when clean green high calorific fuels are readily available. I dream of a future where acres of sustainable hemp and other high value fuel crops will be part of the solution