Hi all,

I've amassed enough SVO for a trip I'm doing this July, and a couple of months ago started converting some of the oil into biodiesel. However, after messing around with it for awhile, I realised that it was all a very inefficient process unless you're well setup for it, and I started looking at alternatives for all this oil - which of course led me to blending.

Thinking about the time involved in making 'real' biodiesel, plus the cost ($1.2/litre for methanol + lye), it really doesn't seem that cost effective both in time and money - unless you are fortunate enough to have a big shed, and the ability to setup a system to do large batches at a time.

From an environmental perspective, I also can't imagine methanol and lye being much greener (if at all), than similar quantities of unleaded fuel - this is pure speculation however.

So I'm just curious as to whether anyone has real long term thoughts on blending - not anecdotes from other people/forums, but rather real experience. I've run a half tank of 80/20 blended as a test and it doesn't seem to perform any different to pump diesel in a 1995 Hilux. Naturally I'm curious about the long term effects of doing this versus the long term effects of bio.

Has anyone got any real data or experiential input?