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Thread: Hj75 vs hzj75

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    Hj75 vs hzj75

    Hey Fellas,
    So I have now got a cooking oil supply sorted, which I have been filtering and left to settle. But still haven't purchased a vehicle to run it in. I am after a work horse single cab ute to assist as needed work purposes, so have chosen on a land cruiser as I am told they are fairly tolerant of the WVO. I am however unsure about what model to get, Till now I have been told 2H is the way to go for reliability with the inline fuel pump being better and a bit more bullet proof set up. However it seems that there is little difference in price between an older 2h hj75 cruiser of 80's ( carrying rust and without luxury of A/C) compared to the newer 1hz HZJ75 models of the 90's having less kms and bit more power.
    Is there really much difference in reliability for WVO conversion between the two or any other factors to consider?
    I don't mind either way just want all info I can get before purchasing one and discovering I went down the wrong path and giving me problems.

    All input appreciated Scott

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    Re: Hj75 vs hzj75

    Hi scooter098,

    the 1HZ up to about 1996 is still IDI (indirect injection). If you get one with a IDI motor then its a great set up for a two tank system. I 've done one conversion on a 1HZ with factory duel tanks and it's never had any issues except injectors needed a clean and pop test. The 1HZ conversion is a bit different to the H series conversion. You will need a few extra parts so costs a bit more but you will get that back quickly once using wvo. A pollak valve or similar is the main added cost because the hi flow Bosch ip has a fuel return to tank line.

    The extra power from the 1Hz is well worth getting if you are yet to buy a vehicle.

    God bless, froggo.
    HJ45 Landcruiser Troopy
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    Re: Hj75 vs hzj75

    I have a 1HZ in my 2001 cruiser and it's got precombustion chambers. It's not a 75 series, but they did extend into the 100 series still. Great engine.


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