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Thread: Wvo mixed with premium unleaded, anyone have any experience?

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    Smile Wvo mixed with premium unleaded, anyone have any experience?

    Hey guys, just started running my Kia Pregio diesel Van on a mix of wvo 70% to 30% premium, anyone have any experience doing this? I'm filtering down to 1 micron mixing w premium and letting it settle until I need it, then pumping it into my old Van, early days but seams to be working well, have nearly done 1000 km, I decided to ad a electric element that I strapt to the fuel lines after the injector pump, just to add a little heat and hopefully lessen the strain on the injector pump on cold mornings, but don't use it once the engine is warm. Any feedback from people with experience would be greatly appreciated, as I'm traveling this journey alone, everyone around me think I'm just looking to blow up my Van. " Nothing ventured nothing gained " I say

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    Re: Wvo mixed with premium unleaded, anyone have any experience?

    Welcome to the forum. It is unusual to find someone joining us when the petroleum fuel prices are so low.

    I reckon that 30% ULP (no need to pay extra for Premium) is likely to give you issues with vapour lock on warm to hot days. This is likely to be most noticeable on hot re-starts, as the fuel lines will absorb heat, with no cooling airflow from driving, and it is likely that the ULP will boil out of the blend, pushing the WVO out the return lines, back to the tank, leaving little more than ULP vapours in the IP. It may take a lot of cranking to start the engine in these cases.
    As I do not know the vehicle, I need more information from you.
    Quick questions: Is the Preggio a Common Rail Diesel? Is the Injector Pump (IP) an inline or a rotary IP? Is it a Direct Injection diesel?
    Have you checked the thread
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    Re: Wvo mixed with premium unleaded, anyone have any experience?

    Hi Again, I haven't experienced a vapour lock, only from leaving my heating element on too long once ( fixed itself over night as it cooled down), but I have since installed a timer ( which I took from a broken cloth dryer ), so even if I forget to switch the element off once the engine is warm the timer will turn it off. I think the heated was a good add on, but if you are new to this don't stress it will work without the heater, but I hope the heater will cause less strain on the injector pupm. The Pregio has 4 lines running from the injector pump to the injectors(not sure what type of pump) really simple, simular to my boat diesel ( yanmar 2gm20). I use premium unleaded as it is suppose to have some cleaning properties in it, unlike regular unleaded, also the higher octane I would imagine is better in a Diesel engine ( later ignition). even in summer I haven't had problems with the fuel getting too hot, once the Oil is mixed with the petrol it doesn't separate again.
    BTY for me straight WVO in a 2 tank system sounds like too much headache, and if you have ever made candles you have seen how quickly a build up can happen dipping in hot wax then cooling over and over (what I think happens in an engine running straight WVO) Im scared without the petrol or other solvents a build up of oil will happen in the engine ( as you see in a deep fryer)

    " if you don't try you will never know "

    So my $3000 van is due for more


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