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Thread: common rail pump repair

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    common rail pump repair

    I just was given another Pug a 306 this time, with the common rail engine, the reason it was free is it wont run. It looks like some sort of problem with the fuel pressure regulator, as it comes up with an Error code on the OBD. As I was reseaching the problem I came across these video on pump repair, looks easy enogh.

    Anyway so far I have got the engine running by putting a few mls of petrol in the intake and it started up, it would not start cold or hot unless I did this. I took it for a drive and it runs ok but will not restart once turned off.
    I pulled off the fuel pressure regulator, cleaned and relaced a damaged Oring, and now the engine won't run at all. O crap, just made it worse,... I came back the next day and charged the battery and now it will run again , but the fault is still the same.

    Any ideas would be great, but it looks like I will have to at least replace the regulator, and maybe the seals in the pump.
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