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Thread: What is Your Computer Download Speed

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    Re: What is Your Computer Download Speed

    I found out why my internet speed was increased from the 25mb tier to the 50mb tier

    ..."In attempt to position NBN 50 as its flagship product, NBN Co cut the wholesale price of fixed-line NBN 50 plans to match NBN 25 plans. While many ISPs jumped on the promotion immediately - including TPG, iiNet, and Internode - big players such as Telstra and Optus lagged behind.

    Rather than following the TPG group's lead and axing its NBN 25 plans, Optus has instead introduced a new NBN 50 speed pack. This is charged at $95 per month - $15 more than its standard NBN 25 offering - but customers will have the difference refunded for the first six-months of their contract if they sign up before the end of April.

    Telstra's been a bit more generous, and has made NBN 50 the standard speed for all of its 24-month contracts worth at least $80 per month. Customers will continue to receive this speed for the life of their contract (unless they choose to change speed tier). Upgrading to NBN 100 will still be billed at an extra $30 per month."

    I just had a look at TPG and their "super Cheap" $60 a month for unlimited download is still provided on the 12mbps tier.
    To get 50mbps down load costs $70 per month with pay as you go phone calls
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    Re: What is Your Computer Download Speed

    I signed up to 100 down 40 up with MyRepublic.
    at first I got 98meg until everyone in our street discovered NBN was available.
    Now I'm getting 40 down and 30 up during the afternoons. I shouldn't complain because ADSL was about 13 meg.

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    Re: What is Your Computer Download Speed

    I Just discovered something that may help out with your speed. A Bit of back story first, bear with me.. I have fixed wireless NBN 25Mbps with optus, and have had problems with the service for over a year, slow speeds below 1Mbps at times drop outs and general crap from optus telling me there's no problem here. I wrote to the telecommunications ombudsman and went back and forth for 2months, finally gave up as Im very busy and have better things to do with my life....
    It was Around this time I had another sh!t fight going on with a tenant who stopped paying rent, got her out of the house and start fixing up the mess. I notice she had taken the power supply to the NBN modem (which is also fixed wireless) so I though I would a get new one .... $70 P!ss off!
    I looked everywhere Its just a $8 plug pack with a stupid 8 pin plug on the end, I refuse to pay $70 for it.. It was then I notice that the replacement is 2.5 amps, and the one at my house that i live in is only 2 amps...
    Anyway I found an old laptop power supply rated at 12volts and 4amps so I use a couple of header plugs and shrink wrap to make up a new plug for power supply for my live in house, and the other 2 amp power supply went to the rental property. Only 2 of the 8 pin are used so it was an easy fix, although I could not find an 8 pin plug like that anywhere.
    Switched on the 4 amp supply and it all lit up and every thing appeared to work ok, got on the internet, and I thought that page open up quick.
    I now get around 20 Mbps faster than it has every been. Their crap power supply is completely inadequate, and that is why the replacement supply is 2.5 amps. The misses tells me home phone also works properly now and, face book messenger works properly as well. I can now also watch Netflix without buffering. Why the hell couldn't Optus have worked it out ?


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