Hey all.
Twice now recently I have gotten what looks like fatty flakes( crystals perhaps) forming in my fuel tank causing the fuel line pick-up to get blocked and engine to starve of fuel!. So now twice I have had to drop my fuel tank and clean it, painful !!
I strained the fuel after emptying the tank and there is flakes floating around.

So here is all the info I can think may be helpful.

# the inside of the tank had a light cover on fat/slime on the inside wall. And some floating flakes.
# I have been blending wvo with 20% unleaded for 2 years.
# I filter to 5 micron
# I blend outside the van.
# issues are happening with my newly purchased van a Kia Pregio, same type of van I have successfully been running blend for 2 years.
# fuel return line is circulating and not returning to the tank.
# blended fuel gets filtered when filling the tank ( 2nd filtration)
# I sometimes add Diesel to the mix straight to the tank if I feel the mix is a little thick and the van is struggling a little.
I really don't know what is going on, as I have been doing well with blending fuel for 2years. Only had the odd blocked fuel filter.

Hope someone can help.