Did anyone else catch ABC Landline on 10 September 2017?

First segment was on a business in SA composting commercial food & agricultural waste via aerated skip bins that sit onsite and are collected when full.

But they are also powering their fleet of something like 16 prime movers and several loaders with biodiesel they make onsite from grease trap waste. Apparently they get the grease trap solids and wash down water from bigger operators like Veolia & Remondis. They spray the water on the compost heaps and turn the solids into bio using ethanol that they also make onsite from a sorghum supply down the road.

Pretty amazing business making a good return out of waste. He is selling the Biobins all over the world.

Also working on a aerobic digester.

Here's the Landline link:


Here's the link to the company: