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Thread: WVO Upflow Design ok?

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    Re: WVO Upflow Design ok?

    Quote Originally Posted by Earthling View Post
    Vehicle is a 92 Hilux ln106 2.8diesel, been 12 years now and cant see myself getting rid of it, so thought time to snaz her up a bit to WVO
    Thats a good wvo engine you got there, I ran mine for about 150000 on WVO and bio with a two tank system. Make sure you purge the system properly when switching back to diesel and you'll be fine.
    1990 Toyota Hilux LN106 with ATG 2 tank system (sold after running 150.000 ks on mainly WVO)
    1993 Toyota 75 Series with 1 HZ engine both 75l factory tanks and a custom 170l under tray tank.
    200.000km 80% on bio 10% on WVO 10% on dino,

    "him who never made a mistake, made no discovery either"

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    Re: WVO Upflow Design ok?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony From West Oz View Post
    The issue I see with your system is that your filter will need to be changed at some time. How are you going to access them inside a 200L HDPE drum?
    Having the drums "open topped" is a problem as it allows dust and vermin, Insects, etc to enter the filtering system.
    I sell 1 micron filter bags online. This allows people with Common rail or older diesels to use the filter with confidence. I use 1 micron filter bags, "5 micron" was a typo.
    I see no problem using vegetable oil as fuel providing that it has been filtered at least as fine as the main fuel filter on their vehicle. I used to use 5 micron filters, prior to getting the 1 micron ones in. Older diesels may be fine with 10 micron filtering.
    Had a good chat with the guy in the filter place in Welshpool this week. Seemed to know his stuff. I was buying replacement elements for my Delphi filter. He told me they were 10 Ám which was interesting because I'm sure I have seen them specified at 5 Ám somewhere. He said that 10 Ám is fine for a non-common rail engine. Interestingly, I asked him what the standard Toyota filter was and he said that he didn't know. I'm sure I've seen it specified as 10 Ám somewhere

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    Re: WVO Upflow Design ok?

    Thanks for all the replies guys.

    Have found a source of WVO and organising bits now

    Will post up if anything goes awry.


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