Oil From Donut Shop

Hi everyone. I collect oil from a donut shop.
They change it very infrequently. The latest batch of WVO I collected had been in use for 3- 4 weeks, maybe longer.

Yesterday I was looking for some high titration oil. Most of my oil only titrates 1 or 2 KOH and I wanted substantially higher than that, so I checked the donut shop oil. It is a hydrogenated veg oil and is quite hard at room temperture. I do not actually use it, I just collect it as a good will gesture and toss it

To my great surprise, the oil only titrated about 1 KOH!
Obviously just using the Oil to fry donuts does not increase the FFA's very quickly.

I eventually did locate some high titration oil- titration about 19 KOH for some testing I am doing.