A few month ago I was given a Peugeot 306 HDI, and the reason for this generosity was that the engine wont start and it has been to several garages and no one can fix it. Gee thanks....
So over the last few weeks when I can be bothered I gone about trying to solve this crap puzzle.
Anyways Ive done a few checks and found that it had some evil smelling fuel in the tank, so I drained the fuel and put some fresh bio in. I checked the lift pump in the tank which some one has replaced and wired straight to the ignition.

Next the code reader when on and it came up low pump pressure.
A few internet checks later an i found that, the fuel filter can be fitted incorrectly and it happens quite often, which can take out the high pressure pump the fuel regulator and the injectors.
So it could be one or more of these, or an ECU fault, the easiest place to start is the fuel regulator So I removed it and cleaned it out with brake cleaner and compressed air. I fitted it back on with new Orings and tried crank it over and got a little pop, but it still would not run.
A few weeks later I bought some areo start and gave it a squirt to see what would happen. The engine fired straight up and kept running.
Well this is promising. The ECU is fine. The engine will now start with a squirt, and I took it for a short drive but the engine will not start hot or cold with out a squirt.
After a bit of head scratching and internet searching, I found out that the injectors are very easy to test, and that if even just one is faulty the engine wont start.
The test is you remove the return pipes on each injector and connect a hose to each one. Each hose goes to a small container and you crank or start the engine for 1 minute and measure the fuel in each container. There should be less than 40ml in each.
Well after about 10seconds you could see the injector 1 had over flowed the container and number 2 wasn't much better. No doubt that why im getting the low pump pressure error all the fuels going back to the tank. Injector 3 and 4 didn't even fill up the hose.
After a bit more looking on the internet I found 2 used injectors from the UK for $50 each so Ive order them.

So that's where im up to so far, when they get here Ill flush out the fuel lines and replace the filter and the injectors.
Wish me luck.....