long Range tank/bullbar made from 2 houshold gas tanks, main tank 90ltr ,long range tank 150ltr, 20ltr startup tank on back door withits flexable outlet on bottom left alowing back door to open/close. Electric solenoids between tanks operated from dash with warning beeper [ same as if you leave headlights on ] to warn if I turn ignition off and its still switched to svo.
Under the bonnet, heatexchange from lift pump [bottom cent. ] to fuel filter. Red wire , push button on dash via 100A relay to glow plugs.
Air cleaner removed and pod filter fitted, giving much much better access to engine, note I used the top of original air cleaner, cut it down and brass welded a circular pice on to accept pod filter.
Served me VERY well for many yrs. At last with a total of 600K Ks on the clock 300 of them on svo, The use of svo caused the gearbox to go, so as my left knee is a problem. Its time for an auto, hence Nissan patrol. Yes I now have a vehicle thats 20 odd yrs yonger, in hindsight I wish I had fitted an auto box and kept it.

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