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Thread: Incomplete reaction advice

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    Re: Incomplete reaction advice

    Back at home with my new cobalt/chrome implants

    Only trouble with those tubes is that the tube bottom, under the 10ml mark is only in 2.0ml graguations.
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    Re: Incomplete reaction advice

    Glad you are on the mend, Smithy.

    I'm finally getting to the end of re-processing this batch and it has been a good lesson learned: just don't attempt a reaction without all of the appropriate reagents or you'l waste a lot of time.

    Some interesting outcomes:

    • Volume of finished biofuels is significantly down on normal. I usually get about 160L. I think it will be more like 120 - 140 L in this case.
    • The glycerol byproduct I got after re-processing was very thick and gelatinous and quite hard to dispose of as a result. I've ended up with about 40L of the jelly and 20L of more normal viscosity byproduct.
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