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Thread: Kits by grease car

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    Kits by grease car

    Hello anybody with any info, so I have an 06 cummins and am thinking about converting to run a two tank system with wvo. Now I have an option to buy a kit for a 94-98 ford power stroke for less then 1/2 price of a new grease car kit or plant drive kit. So I'm wondering how general these kits are, like the fuel tank, heaters, switches and filters and pumps. Im thinking I should do it and then if I need to, buy some of the parts separate. I'm in the middle of e mailing these companies but I don't want to ask straight up. Ecause im sure they will just tell me buy the specific kit and spend the money.
    Thanks for any info

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    Re: Kits by grease car

    Is the engine direct or indirect Injection?
    Does it have an in-line or rotary IP?
    Are you planning to use it in cold climates (<10C ) regularly.
    Flat plate heat exchangers are very efficient at transferring coolant heat to the fuel oil.
    Solenoid or motorised valves are available on ebay.
    Generic fuel filters are inexpensive.

    Does your WVO solidify when very cold? If so, you may need to heat the veggie fuel tank and fuel lines to/from it.

    You may wish to look at our sticky posts in the SVO section. A good place to start is
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