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Thread: tank diesel bug question

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    tank diesel bug question

    Hi had some diesel bug type stuff in my tank and today I found a perfectly clean tank for next to nothing so i just replaced my old bugged out tank. Just wondering what i can add to tank to held kill the bug that might be hiding in the fuel lines. I had a disposable filter before the oem filter so i am hoping the pump should be relatively ok. Iwas running svo but let car sit for 4months ..Any advice gratefully recieved.
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    Re: tank diesel bug question

    You didn't need to replace your tank - it could be cleaned out with caustic soda. But if you've replaced it, I wouldn't worry about the stuff in your lines. But a bit of petrol would take care of any bugs - 5% would be plenty. But you can buy conditioners from auto shops (mostly formaldehyde I think)


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