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Thread: Detroit 2-stroke marine Diesel

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    Detroit 2-stroke marine Diesel

    Hi Folks,

    does anybody here have previous experience on running GM Detroit 2-strokes on veggie-oils?!

    greetings, Lars

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    Re: Detroit 2-stroke marine Diesel

    I'm new here.
    Had no idea this forum was so .... idle.
    So I hate to resurrect a zombie thread, BUT
    I own a 6-71 Detroit Diesel. It runs quite well on WVO. But only in the short term. Dino diesel has to be used about every third tankful.
    The flat design of the pistons and the engine generally tends to promote condensation on the exhaust valves. Veggie oil gums them up.
    Blowing through a tank of dino keeps them cleaner.
    It may not require one-tank-in-three, as I've heard of some using it exclusively for over a year. But everyone seems to have problems sooner or later and the dino fixes it.


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