Hi alga,
Again, you are making wild guesses as to why your engine APPARENTLY runs smoother when using WVO.
Making wild guesses and then stating them as fact does not help anyone.
Nobody is questioning that your car runs smoother with WVO, just not for the reason you are claiming.

SINCE 2002 DIESEL FUEL IN AUSTRALIA HAS HAD THE REQUIRED LUBRICITY. It is written into the Australian diesel fuel standard.

Here is a test you can do to check whether the WVO is actually providing the substantial lubricity for your engine as you claim.
Completely drain all the oil from your engines sump and just drive around with no oil in your sump.
After a couple of weeks driving with no oil in the sump tell us how things are going.

...because of the deranged psychopath constantly abusing and insulting others.
Wasn't that the fellow who claimed that with his Optus mobile phone he "went across the Nullabor last year and came back down the centre, had good coverage most places..." even though Optus provides NO mobile coverage on the Nullabor