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Thread: Blending Diesel with Filtered Vegetable Oil?

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    Re: Blending Diesel with Filtered Vegetable Oil?

    Hi alga,
    Again, you are making wild guesses as to why your engine APPARENTLY runs smoother when using WVO.
    Making wild guesses and then stating them as fact does not help anyone.
    Nobody is questioning that your car runs smoother with WVO, just not for the reason you are claiming.

    SINCE 2002 DIESEL FUEL IN AUSTRALIA HAS HAD THE REQUIRED LUBRICITY. It is written into the Australian diesel fuel standard.

    Here is a test you can do to check whether the WVO is actually providing the substantial lubricity for your engine as you claim.
    Completely drain all the oil from your engines sump and just drive around with no oil in your sump.
    After a couple of weeks driving with no oil in the sump tell us how things are going.

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    Re: Blending Diesel with Filtered Vegetable Oil?

    There is a very simple reason your engine sounds different on WVO. It has nothing at all to do with lubricity of the fuel.
    A simple test to prove it is when running on dino fill an oil can with ATF and squirt a a few shots into the intake system.
    All that will happen is the engine will produce a bit more smoke.

    What you are failing to comprehend is that ino and WVO have very different burn characteristics, and that is why the engine produces a different sound.
    Next time ya huddled around the camp fire get two empty tins. Fill one with dino and the other with WVO.
    One at a time chuck them into the fire and notice the results. The dino will produce more flames and at a faster rate.

    And it has nothing to do with lubricity.

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    Re: Blending Diesel with Filtered Vegetable Oil?

    Quote Originally Posted by Qwarla View Post
    very different burn characteristics, and that is why the engine produces a different sound.
    Yes, effectively the timing is altered.

    I used to have a Mercedes 300D. When I bought it, it was noisy as anything. Previous owner had advanced the timing to compensate for a cylinder being down on compression, I think.

    Anyway, when I reset the timing to normal, it ran much more quietly (and "seemed" smoother, most likely because of the reduced noise).
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    Re: Blending Diesel with Filtered Vegetable Oil?

    I can see that the engine may run quieter on veggie oil than on diesel because of the different burn characteristics of the fuels. In fact, that is the only reason that I can think of that there would be a difference. Both fuels are injected using the same IP and injectors, so the only difference is the fuel.
    If you were to add some petrol ( say 10%) to the veggie oil (as an experiment) I am sure that the engine sound would change. Add a higher proportion of ULP and the engine should sound different again.
    I concur that the Lubricity of the fuel should not change the sound of the engine running, especially on a Common Rail Diesel.
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    Re: Blending Diesel with Filtered Vegetable Oil?

    Hi Alga,

    Quote Originally Posted by Alga View Post
    Tony, I have a 671gm common rail,...
    One other correction to what you posted.
    The 6-71 Detroit Diesel does not use a common rail injection system, it uses unit injectors.
    Unit injectors combines the injector nozzle and the injector pump in a single component.

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