I'm sitting here in America surrounded by people that have never heard of Ssangyong.

By a complex and lengthy chain of events, I came into possession of some drivetrain components. Engine, gearbox, ECU, and *some* of the wiring.
That's it.
Of course regulators being what they are, there's little hope of putting this on the highway, BUT there's every hope of incorporating at least the engine into a cogen installation that I and a friend are establishing. Biodiesel and WVO are not especially difficult to obtain.

What IS difficult, or seems to be, is the idea of getting this thing running. The brain is looking for an ignition with approval, etc. or it's all disabled. I was hoping to do like the movies and just cut-and-jump some wires.

Further, there's a lot of babysitting the ECU does that i really don't need or want aside from maybe a well-monitored cruise control.

Checked into many companies globally because, of course, no one around here knows ANYTHING. They can re-flash a GM unit to play a doorbell, but not this one. May as well be from Mars.

I really don't even need fuel re-mapping. We'd be satisfied with factory at least for now.

Oh, and among the wiring is a connector for the ECU; a connector for the engine injectors; but not the OBDII connector. So nothing aftermarket that simply plugs in is of any good to me, either.

Can i send this ECU off and get it lobotomised? Perhaps brainwashed? Something useful?