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I'm not sure if veggie users have the same problem as bio users like me with regard to rubber seals being destroyed, but if it is the case, did you swap out the main shaft seal on the pump for a viton one?
Cades, in the couple of decades been using VO, never had a seal problem, as far as ulp effecting seals, it would depend on whether the seals are for diesel or ulp, as there is a difference I believe.

Perolin, (Paul), you may find it easier and cheaper to use inline throwaway filters, or an inline re-usable filter, they are pretty cheap I think but they catch any crap in the fuel and can be changed in less than a minute on the road.

I've had an ongoing problem with the main tank in my 80 series 1hDT, in the years I've had it the diesel bugs still block the system. In the main tank there is a plastic thing designed to keep fuel flowing when the vehicle is on an extreme angle and that's where the crud accumulates, so drained the tank and drilled a hole through the plastic, now the crud builds up under the plastic thing can drain it out quickly. Hopefully it should be all gone very soon.