Hi Everybody

I have been running my Landcruiser Camper HZJ75 1998 on a blend of cooking oil and 10% ULP. Has worked very well. I have now sold this vehicle and I am seeking guidance and advice as to other vehicles that have proven to be a success. The Landcruiser was great because it had two fuel tanks and was indirect fuel injection. I am still looking at other Landcruiser models )e.g. Series 80, 100, 105 etc.). I am however casting my eyes over Nissan patrols, Nivara etc. I know at some point in their evolution indirect, direct injection was replaced by common rail. I am not confident to wade through technical information. So if anybody had advice that can help this simple soul before I purchase a vehicle it will be greatly appreciated. Regards Ben. If you want to call me my number is 0430 084 932.