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Thread: Change in WVO type

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    Change in WVO type


    Will changing the type of WVO make a difference?

    I am currently collecting cottonseed oil from a restaurant. The restaurant has given me contact details for another restaurant that would also like to supply me, but they use soy bean oil and canola oil. Will mixing the oil type together make any difference? Are there any combinations of oil types that others have tried and found that they were not compatible?


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    Re: Change in WVO type

    I take what I can get, that is Soy, Canola, and Cottonseed. Soy tends to dry more than the other 2, cottonseed does get thick in cold weather. All mixed together it tends to cancel out these properties. Remember that with used oil you will also get fat, mostly chicken but also beef, lamb pork and fish. My ideal supplier would be a fish and chip shop using Canola.
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