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Thread: Foolproof Room Temperature (FRT) Biodiesel

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    Re: Foolproof Room Temperature (FRT) Biodiesel

    Hi Mark,

    If you had ever bothered to do even the most cursory research about biodiesel production, you would have immediately found out that there is nothing special about making biodiesel at room temperature.

    I do find it amusing that while you seem to think I know nothing about chemistry, and you know everything because of your two degrees in chemistry, you have based your whole claim about your wonderful "Room Temperature Procedure" because of something you seem to think I said in my instructions in the World Famous Dr Pepper Technique (Pat Pend)
    For some reason you seem to think that I said that you have to do the standard method at 55C or the reaction will not proceed. Of course I never said anything of the sort. More importantly, while you continually tell everyone about your two amazing degrees in chemistry, you never even bothered to verify your claim that the standard method would not proceed at room temperature.
    You seem to think this room temperature aspect is one of the two most important parts of your procedure and that the standard procedure requires heating, yet you never bothered to perform a simple 15 minute experiment to verify for yourself whether the standard method of producing biodiesel requires heating or not.

    Different techniques for the production of biodiesel from waste vegetable oil
    A. A. Refaat
    Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt

    Received 13 October 2009; revised 8 November 2009; accepted 20 November 2009; available online 1 December 2009

    Reaction temperature
    Temperature has no detectable effect on the ultimate conversion to ester.
    However, higher temperatures
    decrease the time required to reach maximum conversion ( Pinto et al 2005). Transesterification can be conducted at various temperatures ranging from room temperature to the boiling point of the alcohol employed (68o C in case of methanol) so that the reactor does not need to be pressurized (van Gerpen, 2005).

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    Re: Foolproof Room Temperature (FRT) Biodiesel

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Mark View Post
    Mine has none. Heating is never required at any stage
    So you mean I can use your method and make biodiesel from my 200 litre block of lard without first having to heat it until it melts?
    I find that totally amazing.

    Can't wait to give it a crack this weekend.

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    Re: Foolproof Room Temperature (FRT) Biodiesel

    Dr Mark You asked for my reference on drying alcohol, but I can't find where the question was. My reference is Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry , Longman (publishers) , by Arthur Vogel , 3rd edition. It's a legal proceedure here if done with an industrial alcohol distillers' license or done in a university.

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    Re: Foolproof Room Temperature (FRT) Biodiesel

    No. This method was developed for use with liquid oil only.

    Obviously if you are using lard you will have to melt it first. The point is that with this method, unlike with the Dr Pepper method, heat is not required to initate the reaction
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