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Thread: Sealer recommendation

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    Sealer recommendation

    Hi guys,

    just as we’re getting ready for the big trip, I have discovered a leak in my fuel tank. The leak is in between the stainless steel pick up pipe and the aluminium tank. The pick up is a WVO design ‘Hotstick’ and I used the seal that came with it, which was a cork seal. This seems to have lost it’s fun and decided to leak.

    My question is now, what sealant would you recommend?

    I am tempted to get something out of a tube like a industrial silicone, there are gasket makers in tubes from the automotive shops. Or should I get a sheet of cork and replace the seal with that?

    Thanks for you help as always

    1990 Toyota Hilux LN106 with ATG 2 tank system (sold after running 150.000 ks on mainly WVO)
    1993 Toyota 75 Series with 1 HDT conversion, 75l factory tank and a custom 170l under tray tank.
    Lots of K's on BIO and on WVO

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    Re: Sealer recommendation

    Hi Jens,
    About time I made a contribution.
    I have been using "loktite 567" on bio processor screwed pipe fittings, good gap filling so threads can be a little slack and allowed to cure for at least 24 hours. The joint must be clean and dry before you start. Have a look at the specs on the above web site.

    Also have used "Boston Gas & Water sealant" from Bunnings. A sticky liquid , should be ok to use as a gasket as is the 567.
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